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Welcome the seed company website. Today's most popular seed companies are breeding cannabis seeds. Today you'll learn how to choose the best cannabis seed company in 2022. We'll help you find the most reliable seed companies shipping cannabis seeds to the USA, Canada and Australia.

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Hello everyone. I'm William Stone and I've smoked over 1800 strains and counting. I'm a Judge for the Dragon Cup and I smoke full-time, sampling about 100 strains per month. I'm aware of all the best seed banks, big and small.

Safe Seedbanks

We have a reliable list of seed companies 2022 that are shipping to the most popular countries that grow recreational marijuana. These include the USA, Australia, Canada, Europe and the United Kingdom. If you live somewhere else, please skip below for the best seed company shipping globally.

Safe Seed Banks

Shipping to the U.S. & Australia

Many cannabis seed companies do not ship seeds to the U.S. or Australia. But we know which companies do.

Reliable Seedbanks

The most reliable seed banks in the world are located in Amsterdam and British Columbia. The two oldest reliable seed banks in North America are The British Columbia Seed Company ( and BC Seeds.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is Europe's most reliable seed bank. They've been online for over 20 years and have the most advanced stealth shipping so you will get your order safely to Australia, USA, Canada and even to New Zealand. If you live in the USA, you will actually get your order faster from Amsterdam than if you order from Canada. It's the best and safest seed bank for Americans.

Most Reliable Seed Banks 2022