About The Seed Company

Everything you want to learn about the seed company. We are a website dedicated to sharing the world's best and most reliable cannabis seed companies around the world.

Insider Knowledge To The World's Best Breeders

Being a hippy myself, I've ordered from all the best seed companies in the world included the top two best Netherlands and British Columbia. These two countries are the world's leaders in cannabis breeding.

Personally Grown and Smoked Over 1800 Strains

When you grow and breed your own marijuana, you tend to be your own best customer. I've grown and smoked so much weed that the Dragon Cup Cannabis Awards asked me to be a Judge. They get sent hundreds of strains every month from cannabis breeders all around the world. It basically means I'm smoking pot all day, everyday, 7 days per week. I have so many strains to Judge, within seconds of waking up I'm sampling a new strain. I roll over in bed and smoke another bowl making sure I get super baked so I can Judge accurately.